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If your family member, friend, or loved one is in trouble with the law and locked in jail, look no further than Ms Cherry Bail Bonds for a quick and efficient Bail Bonds solution to the problem! Our Bail Bonds Professionals are the experts on your side when it comes to getting the fast and fair results you need when dealing with law enforcement agencies and court systems across the Los Angeles County and Orange County, CA.

We make the Bail Bonds Process as Quick, Easy & Painless as possible!

Bail Bonds Process STEP 1


Call Ms Cherry Bail Bonds immediately to get the up to the minute information you need about your incarcerated family member, friend, or loved one at 877-8-BAIL-ME

Bail Bonds Process STEP 2


We’ll provide the answers and information you need regarding their current location, any charges against them, the bail amount, and what is required for us to get them out of jail.

Bail Bonds Process STEP 3


We will take the bond to the jail where they are being held. By our use of the proper channels and processes, your family member, friend or loved one will then be released!

Don’t Wait for the System to Sort Things Out!

Our experienced bail bonds professionals will work with you to get him or her released as quickly as possible. Our knowledge and expertise of the bail bonds process allows us to cut through the red tape so you can get them out of jail and back in their home in as little time as possible!


Fair & Affordable Bail Bond Rates & Payments

You don’t have to pay the full bail amount. At Ms Cherry Bail Bonds our rate is never any more than 10% and can be as little as 8% of the bail amount (discounted rates for those who qualify). We readily accept all forms of payment in person or over the phone, including Cash, Money Order, Credit Card, Debit Card, or even online with a fast and secure PayPal payment.


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