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Q: What is a bail bond?

A: A Bail Bond is a money guarantee that the defendant will show up to all court proceedings until the case is finalized.

Q: What is the cost of a bail bond?

A: The State of California regulates this fee. Bail Bond companies charge a 10% premium of the bail amount.

Q: How does the application process work?

A: With Ms. Cherry Bail Bonds, you can get the process started by visiting one of our locations, calling us, or we can come to you. Depending on the situation, most cases take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the necessary paperwork.

Q: How long does it take for a person to be released from jail?

A: How quickly a person in custody can be released depends on varying factors, including which jail and which county the defendant was arrested in. Most holding facilities complete the process between 30 minutes and four hours.

Q: What responsibilities does the cosigner have?

A: A cosigner, the person willing to sign for the defendant, is held responsible for the following three things:

  1. To make sure the defendant is present at all court appearances
  2. To make sure the defendant informs Ms Cherry Bail Bonds of their next court appearances
  3. To make sure the premium is paid (if applicable)

Q: What is required to be a cosigner?

A: To become a cosigner, basic information must be gathered regarding the potential cosigner and the person in custody. This can be done via a phone interview or in person. The Bail Agent will then review the information and make you aware of what will be required to get Bail Approval.

Q: Is collateral required to get a bail bond?

A: Everyone’s situation is different, thus we review on a case by case basis to evaluate the risk involved to determine if collateral is required.

Q: What responsibilities does the defendant have?

A: The defendant is held responsible for the following three things:

  1. Upon release from jail, the defendant must immediately report to the local Ms Cherry Bail Bonds office and complete the necessary paperwork. The defendant will then receive upcoming court date information.
  2. The defendant must report all new court dates to their local Ms Cherry Bail Bonds office either in person or or by phone. Please call: 877-8-BAIL-ME
  3. The defendant must attend court proceedings until the case is fully resolved.

Q: Is my money returned to me after the defendant shows up for court?

A: No, that money is non-refundable upon release from the bond posted by Ms Cherry Bail Bonds. However, under certain circumstances where we are unable to post the bond, we will be able to issue you the refund.

Q: Can Ms Cherry Bail Bonds help me take care of a warrant?

A: Call Ms Cherry Bail Bonds and we will provide free information on any outstanding warrants. We will also find out if a bail bond can be posted on the warrant.

Q: Which payment methods are accepted?

A: Cash, Money Order, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Wire Transfer, or PayPal.

Q: Are their benefits to bailing someone out of jail?

A: Yes, here are just a few benefits to consider:

  • Defendants will be able go back to work, school, home, family, and continue with their daily life.
  • It allows for the unhampered preparation of a proper defense.
  • It serves to prevent the infliction of punishment on the defendant prior to conviction.

It’s very common to have a lot of questions in a situation where your family member, friend, or loved one is locked in jail. Ms Cherry Bail Bonds would like to help by providing you with this list of answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear every day from people across the Los Angeles County and Orange County, CA areas. If you don’t see your questions answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime day or night at:


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